This could happen in multinational companies, in small businesses, in government and nonprofit organizations, and at all levels (Team, Product, Business, …).

TRAP 1- Strategy is treated as a thought exercise

With no grounding to the real world and no impact on the organization.

A team sit together for 1 or 2 weeks to create a vision, mission and…

You need also to capture some of the value you create.

Value creation is defined as the perceived benefit to the customer.

For a B2C business, it could be an offering that enhances the quality of the customer’s life.

For B2B business, it could be an increase in profitability.


Because the world is very complex, it is hard to tell definitely which results are due to the strategy, which to macro factors and which to luck.

Even companies with signs of winning shouldn’t rest, because no strategy last forever.

All companies need to evolve their strategies — to improve…

Through my leaning journey about Business I collected some thoughts about the value proposition that I would like to share with you.

Value proposition is a part of your business Model. I named the heart of the business Model.

It is what the customer expect to receive by using your…

Thabet Mabrouk

Passionate about applying agile and design mindsets to solve business challenges and innovate

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