Hey Agile coach, this is why you shoudn’t be an order-taker.

Instead be a strategic thinking partner.

A lot of Agile coach get hired and then they just execute what the management told them and sometimes what teams told them to do.

They take orders and they try to implement them without understadning what’s the problem they trying to solve, where the company is going , what is the vision, what is the goal for a such transformation, what’s behind asking for his support etc …

It’s like when you get sick, you go to a doctor and you tell him which medicament and treatments he should gives you. Doing so you will not take advantage of the expertise of the doctor and perhapes you side effects by having bad treatment.

Start doing work without knowing the goal and the problem/challenge is more an expenses than investement.

Management and teams asking Agile coach to do what they have in mind because they don’t know what a thinking partner could bring as value to them so we can’t blame them that because they didn’t found the one person who can challnge their thinking and convince them with a new creative appraoch to adresse problems and make impact.

As an Agile coach, you are the expert in your field and you need to have a thinking framework that helps you understand the problem, the need and define the needed metrics that shape how success looks like.

This framework should help teams and management to think together, collaborate and solve problems creatively.

I mentioned creatively intentionally, because each context has its own specificity and we need to create solution rather than just take from the shelf of best practices some ready to use practices that could work or not for you and try to forced to our context and challenges.

We refer to the best practices but as an inspiring input, in a nutshell we need to create solution and not search ready to use answers.

As an Agile coach be strategic and a thinking partners to your teams and management. Help them identify the real challenges and problems that could have big impact in improving your business, your customer deligtment and employee statisfaction.

Don’t be not only a person who execute passively what you told me without any thinking, sell yourself as a pratners helping the organization and teams being better and reach their goals.

Im my next post, I will write about the strategic thinking framework for agile coaches.

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